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Bhutanese Identity

Bhutanese religious dances are called “CHAM” and there are a large number of them. Dancers wear spectacular costumes made of yellow silk or rich brocade often decorated with ornaments of carved bone. For certain dances, they wear masks, which may represent animals, fearsome deities, skulls, manifestation of Guru Rimpoche or just the simple human beings. Bhutan is one of the most religious countries in the Tibetan Buddhist world. And like in all Buddhist nations, festivals have a special place in the hearts of its residents. Most of the Bhutanese festivals commemorate the deeds of the Buddha.

Archery is the popular and a perennial national sport played usually with bamboo bows and arrows. An integral part of most festivities, archery matches are gala affairs with music, dances, drinks and fun. The game of archery is not exactly a sport that draws frenzied supporters out for a kill. There are no die-hard fans and no follow-the-team-to-kingdom-come fanatics and no streaking hooligans. If anyone is all pumped up, it is the archers themselves. To the Bhutanese, it’s a tourist sport and a very saleable one at that too. It has tremendous tourist appeal. Archery is tradition; it’s songs and dances and jeers and near-primitive howls.

Jumolhari 7,314 meters (23,997 feet) sometimes known also as “the bride of Kanchenjungja”. Gangkar Puensum is the highest mountain in Bhutan and the highest unclimbed mountain in the world with an elevation of 7570 meters and a prominence of over 2990 meters. 

Takin: The “Dong Gyem Tsey’s” Bhutan’s national animal for its uniqueness and strong association with the country’s religious history and mythology. The reason why Bhutan selected Takin as National Animal is associated with Bhutan Religion and Mythology, it was during the time Lama Drukpa Kuenley (1455 – 1529) the Divine Madman and Bhutan Favorite Saints known for his outrageous antic. One day his devotees were gathered to witness his magical power and they asked him to perform a miracle.

Bhutan is the land where people believe that fluttering prayer flag, hoisted on mountain passes, carry messages and prayers for peace and happiness of all sentient beings in the valley. Bhutan is the last surviving bastion of Tantric Mahayana Buddhism maintained in the form and practiced since the 8th Century AD.


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